A little bit . . .

Hi everyone I'm Avagyan and, as you already got it, I'm destination wedding photographer.
I chose to be wedding photographer because even in the most staged shooting I can see natural emotions … happiness, tears, sincerity, fun, craziness – a whole combination of emotion caught in glimpses in just one day. And yeah, it charges me the most. I like that people whom I shoot are non-professional models and I try to give them self-confidence, raise their spirit and mood … and sometimes just follow them through my lenses.
I work as a wedding photographer for 4 years. In this period I shot more than 200 weddings. I photographed probably all types of weddings - classic, crazy, funny, creative, fine art....etc.
My dream is to shoot all national and cultural weddings with their traditions. Probably then my portfolio will get into "UNESCO World Heritage")))
For more info and price list go to CONTACTS section. Enjoy.